Lingua Franca is a language school of the Koszalin Franciscans. the only language school in the whole Pomerania region , which offers the study of Latin and biblical Greek. Latin - as we know - is the mother of modern languages ​​and the basis for later legal studies, medical, historical or philological. Knowledge of Greek allows you to read the New Testament in the language in which it was written, as well as read the works of Greek philosophers.

We offer courses for children, teenagers, adults and seniors at all levels in 17 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Georgian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Persian, Hindi, Greek, Latin), in the following forms:

  • annual courses
  • conversation groups
  • intensive weekly courses
  • business courses
  • individual lessons
  • pre-exam courses
  • classes with native speakers
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The courses take place during the school year and are intended for children, youth, students, adults and seniors. Depending on the needs, the course is focused on communication, preparation for the exams or tests etc. Meetings are held twice a week and last 60 minutes.

Language Training Courses

The trainings are tailored to the company's needs and can be held at the address specified by the company.


Kamil Barański

Language School Lingua Franca

Franciszkańska 1 street

75 – 247 Koszalin

phone: 698 900 903

email: kontakt[at]lingua-franca.edu.pl


All courses and trainings can be paid in monthly installments.


Classes take place twice a week and last 60 minutes

Language Annual price
English 1600 PLN
German 1600 PLN
Russian 1600 PLN
Spanish 1700 PLN
Italian 1700 PLN
Norwegian 1700 PLN
Romanian 1700 PLN
Latin 1600 PLN
Greek 1600 PLN
Swedish 1700 PLN
Georgian 1700 PLN
Chinese 1800 PLN
Portuguese 1800 PLN
French 1700 PLN
Dutch 1800 PLN
Persian 1800 PLN
Hindi 1800 PLN


All annual courses, which take place once a week, cost PLN 1000

Language Training Courses

Training Price
Business English 60 PLN/h
English for Specific Purposes 60 PLN/h
Annual English for Companies let to negotiations
Other languages let to negotiations

Courses for children aged 8-12

Classes for children last 45 minutes

Language Annual price
English 1400 PLN
German 1400 PLN
Russian 1400 PLN
Spanish 1500 PLN
Italian 1500 PLN
Norwegian 1500 PLN
Romanian 1500 PLN
Latin 1300 PLN
Greek 1300 PLN
Swedish 1500 PLN
Georgian 1500 PLN
Chinese 1500 PLN
Portuguese 1500 PLN
French 1500 PLN
Dutch 1500 PLN
Persian 1500 PLN
Hindi 1500 PLN


Classes last 30 minutes, the annual price of all courses is 1000 PLN